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It all started when a boy met a girl...... but really our story begins similarly back in 2014. I was working at a local university when two of my student workers had fallen in love and asked if I would coordinate their wedding. Who knew that 8 years later. We would be living in a small town in Alabama, with our dream property.  

My name is Tina Tindle, along with my husband Jack, our daughter Mackenzie, our son Blake, his wife Raena and their three little ones we run this little slice of heaven. As a military family and moving frequently, we understand that family is everything. After 5 years of living overseas, we crave community and a place for our family to call home. Our 11 acres here in somerville does just that.  We have plenty of room for you and yours to celebrate, remember, and create lasting sweet memories. 

If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, Let's Connect! 

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